The CarMan
Buying a Used Car or Truck Doesn't Have to Be Time-consuming, Frustrating, or Risky

Between the Internet, auto magazines, rating services, mechanics, and well-meaning friends, there's a lot of information these days about cars and trucks. Evaluating that information can take a lot of time and footwork.

As a personal shopper for quality used cars, CarMan helps you buy the vehicle you need in a convenient, hassle-free and customized manner. CarMan works with you to:

  • identify makes and models that fit your needs
  • find specific vehicles- models, colors, features and more
  • look at vehicles and provide an independent assessment of their condition

Most of our clients purchase a vehicle using CarMan's access to dealer auctions. In this situation:

  • There are no high pressure salesmen
  • You save $1000-3000 compared to a dealer's lot
  • You set the price (we can help determine a fair price)
  • It's convenient with lots of colors and models to choose from
  • It's a pleasant experience -- for many, it's fun!!!

"I'm thoroughly enjoying the new ride. Thanks for making this significant purchase easy and pleasurable. Previously, buying cars has been stressful and often I have felt ripped off or manipulated. This was very different. Thanks." Denise C.,Mountain View

To learn more about each of our services, just click on the links below, phone CarMan at (650) 324-3255 or send an email to Michael Carney.

More About the Auction Client Quotes About Us

More About the Auction

The auctions are held every Wednesday. Your choice is large; 3,000 cars are normally sold in a 4 hour period. CarMan receives a listing of vehicles for you to preview on the Monday or Tuesday before the auction. Auctioneers do not permit non-dealer personnel to attend the auction. CarMan will represent you and enter your bid at the auction. You set the bid limit. CarMan will notify you promptly of the outcome of the auction. You may normally pick up the vehicle in Redwood City within 3-4 days of the auction date.

CarMan can hep you select the type of vehicle that fits your needs, including options, color, mileage requirements, the price you'd like to pay, etc. The likely selling price for a vehicle at the auction is based on data from our Kelley Blue Book pricing guides. Please note that these figures are not the same as what is available free on the Kelley Blue Book Internet Website. That Website does not reflect auction prices.

Please phone CarMan directly at 650-324-3325 for information on fees and DMV/registration matters. A one page Agreement to Represent at Dealer Auctions must be signed by all parties before a bid is entered on your behalf at the auction.

There is no obligation, deposit, or fee for our services until we find a vehicle that you want to bid on.

Client Quotes

"Mike is a knowledgeable professional who acts as the buyer's advocate. He helps with all aspects of the process, including searching for and purchasing the car, and completing the paperwork. He is a wonderful resource for anyone needing assistance in finding and purchasing the ideal second-hand car." Elizabeth R., Menlo Park

"CarMan came to my rescue and quickly understood and met my needs for a vehicle. He provided the one-on-one service that helped me identify the right vehicle which was within my budget. I will never buy retail again as long as Mike is there to work with me." Robert T., San Francisco

"CarMan (Mike) has sold 2 cars for me at a fair price, handling all the details in a very professional manner. He's reliable, effective, and knowledgeable. The next time I buy a car I will work with him; his fee is more than justified by the service he provides." Richard G., Mountain View

"Mike, the CarMan, is great! He is knowledgeable about all makes and is patient. The CarMan helped my wife and I purchase a car in excellent condition at the auction at a less-than-wholesale price. If you are looking to buy a used car, I suggest using their services to get the best return on your investment." Alfonso and Ann F., San Francisco

"The CarMan combines his knowledge of the car market with great service. He found the car that I wanted at a very good price." Dave H., San Jose

About Us

The CarMan was established in 1999 in Menlo Park, CA. We are independent of any automobile manufacturer, financing company, or repair facility. Through its non-employee affiliation with an independent used car dealer in Redwood City, CA, CarMan has access to and can purchase a wide variety of vehicles for its clients at Bay Cities Auto Auction in Hayward. Michael J. Carney, owner of The CarMan, holds a California Vehicle Salesperson's License issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles

The CarMan uses his best efforts and many years of experience buying and selling a wide variety of cars, SUVs, and trucks to help his clients judge the suitability of a particular vehicle. The CarMan, however, offers no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the condition of a vehicle which is purchased using his services. A vehicle purchased may have the balance of the factory or extended warranty. For an additional cost, the CarMan can arrange for a vehicle to be inspected by a qualified independent mechanic.

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